Whether it’s a clean line of dialogue, the smallest detail in Foley effects, or the loudest explosion, sound is an emotional and powerful storytelling tool.

Sound Design
MISOSound creates, modifies, and combines sound effects to enhance plot, characters, and emotion of your film, series, or video game.

Sound Editing
With both desktop and mobile ProTools  workstations, I deliver professionally edited dialogue, ADR, effects, Foley, and background tracks.

Sound Effects Library
Constantly growing, my sound effects library contains thousands of sound effects from every project I have completed.

Sound Effects Field Recording
In addition to my production sound equipment package, I have a Schoeps MK41/CMC4 stereo microphone pair, a Sennheiser MD441 dynamic microphone, an Aquarian Audio H2a hydrophone, and a Sony PCM-D50 stereo recorder for a variety of effects recording applications.